Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sephora Haul

Hello lovelies  I finally got my Sephora orders this afternoon! So excited! And the long wait is finally over! As you all know, Sephora had 15% off event from March 30-April 5, and there're some items I've been wanting for a here they are! ha ha ha ... and just so you know this post is simply about shopping, it won't get anything deeper. I will go into more details, swatches and reviews in the future posts :D 

This took me quite a long time to make up my mind since its release last year! It also took me a lot of time reading tons of reviews on the original Naked palette and Naked2 as I never own any naked palettes. This is definitely a makeup splurge to me. But I told myself if I were to buy MAC eyeshadows, with the price I can only get 3 shades from MAC, while Naked2 has 12 full-size shades, 1 double-ended brush, and a mini lip junkie lipgloss! I picked Naked2 over the first because: 1. this Naked2 has more cool tone shades to my liking, lovely taupe shade! and 2. less shimmery, since I already own a lovely shimmery neutral palette (Sephora Moonshadow Baked palette (Review here), I don't want more neutral shimmer shadows at this point!; and 3. I like Naked2 pkg way more than the first! (I ended up paying   about $42.8 after tax and fatwallet 8% cash back!)

I super super love this sunscreen! I got my first bottle last year during Sephora F&F sale, and love it since then.  This is the only sun protection I use now, very gentle for my dry and sensitive skin. I use it quite often and still have half of the bottle left! (review here)

This too, another makeup splurge! For at least 4-5 visits to Sephora in the past, this is the one I always want to swatch on no matter what! I am not a lip pencil type of gal, but this one....hands down! This pink mauve is so flattering and beautiful! so innnn loveeeee!!!  

This is a long lasting warm peachy pink blush, so beautiful. Some reviewers from MUA described this as a dupe to NARS Deep Throat blush, but without the shimmers. I used to own deep throat (and it got stolen >_<), it was my very first NARS blush and I really loved  it! So I can expect this to be as lovely! And I don't want shimmer so this is perfect!


Sephora Flashy waterproof are my favorite pencil eyeliner! I have deep black and taupe :D beautiful colors, great pigments, goes on super smooth, yet not too soft, long lasting, waterproof, and inexpensive!

I am currently on my 4th tin of this trusty lip balm, and it's the tightest one to just get it opened!! Sometimes it makes me so mad and frustrated because with lip balm I want it to be quick and easy! O_o!! so here so I got 2 tubes! (review here)

What did you get from Sephora this time of the year? let me know :)


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