Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cookie Monster Nail Art (Video)

I want more cookies!!! This Cookie Monster nail art was inspired by a little sesame street book I got from Target for baby black, very fun and cute! Elmo by far is her #1 favorite, and Cookie "Mom..ter" #2! When I had Elmo on my nails, every time she saw it, she'd pulled my Elmo finger (only finger with Elmo on it) to her face and talked to him...ha ha ha how cute! So I decided to paint cookie monster on my nails as well! 

 Products Used 

essie base coat

Revlon Top Speed in First Class (blue)
Sinful Colors in Snow Me White (white)
Sinful Colors in Black On Black (black)
essie in 765 Case Study (cookie base color)
Sephora by OPI in I'm with Brad (chocolate chips color)  
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
and some different sizes of dotting tools

1) Apply base coat. 
2) Use a dotting tool to outline the shape of cookie monster's head in a round shape and polish brush to fill in the rest. 

3) Use a big dotting tool with white nail polish, and create 2 big eyes. 
4) Eyes - use dotting tool on the right with black nail polish to create to dots. Mouth - use a tiny dotting tool (or toothpick will work) to outline cookie monster's mouth and then fill in the black polish. And little cute cookie monster is done! Now move on to cookie mon..ter's favorite - cookies!

5) Use anything light brown for a cookie base shade, here I used essie Case Study. Use the polish brush to draw a round cookie shape. 
6) Use a darker brown or chocolate color polish to add some chocolate chips designs (these chocolate chip dots don't have to be the same size). I used Sephora by OPI in I'm with Brad. And yummy cookie is done! 

7) Apply top coat to complete! yeah! (I should have waited a bit longer for cookie mon..ter to dry more so his eyes won't get smudged like he has "black" bloodshot in his eyes...*_*)

I hope you all enjoy reading/watching this cute cookie mon..ter tutorial ^_^ and have a happy mon..day :D


  1. oh! im actually planning to do this nails next week! then i saw already on ur blog! you also loved cutepolish videos?

    1. this cookie monster nail is so cute, kids-friendly ^o^ cutepolish vids are amazing! how funny I saw her cookie monster nail version today and we both look so similar *_* but anyway, this cookie nail made my little one smile, and that made me smile too ^.^

  2. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.


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