Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss - Unlimited Glold

Today I'd like to share a lip gloss that I liked and reached quite often lately.
It's Rimmel's Stay Glossy lip gloss in Unlimited Gold. This is a gorgeous 
warm rose gold, nude gold kind of shade. It can be worn alone or on top 
of the lipstick to give some shine and fuller-looking to the lips. This soft rose 
gold is the shade I liked and thought would be pretty easy to work with. 

It claims to have up to 6 hours of lasting power with its cutting-edge shine 
extend technology, though this is not what really sell me (and to be honest it 
doesn't stay on for 6 hours, maybe only 2-3 hours, but I don't really mind...). 
However, I liked the non-sticky texture and the natural rose gold shade 
with some shimmer in it. I think it's very natural and great for everyday! 

Texture is nice, not too thick or too thin, no stickiness and has a light 
scent (I wish it's fragrance free). Even though it cannot stay on as it 
claims (6 hours), it did moisturize my lips even when the lip gloss are gone. 
The glitter/shimmer in it is not giant, this hint of shimmer adds depth to 
the lips. It also layers well over my other pink lipsticks. Sometimes I use 
it to tone down a bit of the lip color (or lipstick color) or give some shine to 
create a fuller-looking lips. The color is not super pigmented, but enough
to give a natural look and the glow to the lips. I would love to try out other 
colors in the future :)

silver cap with a cute Rimmel crown logo

nice and soft lip hugging applicator

swatch under natural light without flash

swatch under natural light without flash

swatch under natural light without flash

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