Thursday, December 1, 2011

Review: Estée Lauder Double Wear Light

Having this double wear light for the past two months, I thought it's 
about time to write a review here. Estee Lauder Double Wear Light is 
the "lighter" version to Double Wear foundation. Same as Double Wear 
version, this Double Wear Light has a 15-hour staying power, but in a 
lightweight formula for a more natural and comfortable wear. It has a sheer 
to medium coverage with SPF 10 and is oil-free, dermatologist-tested, 
non-acnegenic, won't clog pores, fragrance-free, and photo-friendly.

The package also comes in a "lightweight" opaque plastic squeeze bottle 
with a gold cap, whereas Double Wear version comes in a glass bottle. 
But the amount for these two are actually the same, 30ml. I personally 
prefer this lightweight plastic package. I think it's great for travel 
because it's lighter in weight and also I don't need to worry if I 
accidentally drop it!!! (it happens sometimes^^)

color selection isn't that many, only 6 shade to choose from,
from the lightest intensity 1.0 to the darkest intensity 6.0  
I picked intensity 2.0 which is closer to my skin tone, though 
it's slightly darker, intensity 1.0 would be way too light for me.
Now move on to the most important part, swatches!!!

slightly blended into skin. it's very easy to blend, and 
it leaves a very natural yet semi-matte finish which I love. 
It's true to its description, this is a sheer to medium coverage 
foundation. I will use 1-2 layers for the whole face, and another 
1-2 layers on those imperfections. Even though I have dry skin, 
I really like the matte finish for my face, and let it slowly "glow" 
as the day goes^^ for the dewy finish ha ha ha  

you can't really see anything once blended into skin (1 layer)

This foundation is great for dry skin, I have dry skin, even drier
in the winter time :( At the beginning of using this foundation, I 
applied powders to set and I noticed that my skin got so dry. So 
I skip the powder (or pat slightly on the t-zone, and that's it!), 
this foundation last whole day without any touching ups! It controls
the oils pretty well and won't dry out your skin, pretty amazing! 
I guess it will work well on combination/combination to oil skin 
ladies as well as it's oil-control performance is pretty good! 

I would definitely recommend this foundation. It provides pretty
good medium coverage with semi-matte and natural finish, long-lasting,
and is great for all skin types (dry skin ladies, skip the powder step^^)


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