Friday, September 7, 2012

Sinful Colors Gone Platinum

I picked up some Sinful Colors polishes yesterday that're on sale at Walgreens this week through Saturday. And this Gone Platinum was the first one that caught my attention! I think metallic and purple are going to be big this fall/winter, and I love purple! It's a beautiful metallic shimmer purple, reminds me of NARS Diamond Life (see here and here).

The formula was more on the thick and gloopy side, didn't do much of the "self-leveled", yet still workable. One coat was almost opaque, but I went for 2, followed by 1 coat of Seche Vite top coat. Very beautiful, love it! I really can't wait for fall to come, can't stand for the warm weather anymore (high 88-89°F, no A/C >"<)....

Expect more Sinful Colors to come, I can't wait to swatch all of them!!!

Did you pick up any Sinful Colors this week? what shades? any recommendations?^^ 


  1. you should pick up the red, it is gorgeous! Its called hot hot heat. Also, if having trouble with brushstrokes as metallics tend to have, you should try sponging them on!

  2. OMG I haven't seen this one! I'm definitely going to have to keep my eyes open.


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