Wednesday, November 2, 2011

E.L.F. Holiday Nail Polish Set Reviews and Swatches

I just couldn't make up my mind choosing one color from 
the E.L.F. Holiday Nail Polish Set for my Nail of the Day

All these 5 colors look so pretty to me so I decided to 
swatch all the colors on my nails ^-^ sounds good? Keep reading.

Left to Right: 
Golden Goddess, Royal Purple, Mod Mauve, Red Velvet, Metal Madness

Golden Goddess is a clear based shimmer/glitter polish.
It looks so pretty in the bottle, but I wish it shows more gold
when applying on the nail. I applied 4 coats and still can see 
through my nail underneath. The bigger hexagonal glitter is more
of a silver/multicolor based glitter, very pretty, however, I found 
it a little bit hard to get them on the nails. This glitter gold is so sparkle
once you have them on, so so pretty. I think this will also
look great layering on other colors!

Royal Purple is a pink/fuchsia undertone purple shimmer, good opacity, 
2 coats is all you need for this opaque finish! Application is very 
easy and smooth for this one, too. I did not have "HIGH" hope to
this shade, but it turned out very pretty, gorgeous color! 

Mod Mauve is a very creamy brown/mauve-tone color without 
any shimmer or glitter. This is also the only one color that doesn't match 
the picture on E.L.F. website. The one on their website shows more pink 
rather than brown. Actual color is a darker mauve witha hint of brown 
to it (Mod Mauve!). I think this is a special and muddy mauve shade. 

Red Velvet, such a cute name, reminds me of yummy red velvet cakes ha ha ^-^ 
I really love this shade. It's a deep and bright red with very pretty shimmer to it. 
Very easy to apply, 2 coats were essential for this gorgeous opaque look!
This added sparkles made this shade so pretty, great for the holidays!

Metal Madness is a metallic gunmetal/charcoal color with very fine multi-color 
micro-glitter/shimmer. so so pretty! This shade is stunning, and it's such a
perfect holiday color! Application is fairly easy and smooth, 2 coats will 
give you an opaque gorgeous finish! 

With the price of $4.50 for these 5 lovely shade, these are only $0.90/each
you get glittery, creamy, and holiday shimmery shades all in a set.
I'd say they really worth the money and worth the try^-^


  1. I got this set too! It's an amazing deal. My favorite is the sparkly black!

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  3. Hi, I just read your comment on my blog and googgled a swatch of Revlon's Stormy. It's beautiful indeed. What kind of gray are you looking for exactly? You mentionned something lighter and creamier; have you tried OPI's Skull and Glossbones? It's one of the nicest light grays I've seen :)

  4. @greeneyespinknails yeah Revlon Stormy is a pretty shade! I think I like it more now^^ because the finish is so pretty and only "1 coat" is needed for the opaque finish!!! Thanks for stopping by, I googled Skull and Glossbones it's lovely^^ thanks so much!


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