Sunday, November 20, 2011

Review: e.l.f. Royal Purple

Last Friday I had elf's Royal Purple on my nails.
I really liked this gorgeous shimmery purple,
especially with my winter/dark outfit, they just look stunning.

Swatch under natural sunlight without flash

Royal Purple is a pink/fuchsia undertone purple shimmer, 
opacity is pretty good, 2 coats is all you need

simple square glass bottle with black cap

bottom/label of this nail polish

Swatch under natural sunlight without flash

This shade really gave my fingers pop, 
and brighten up the skin tone on my hands!
I really love its micro-shimmer in this polish. 

The brush is cheap and a little bit weird to apply (just like other elf polishes)
However, the application is quite smooth because of its formulation.

It's a bit sheer the first coat if applied thinly, but 2nd coat will
give you a completely opaque and lovely finish.

Drying time is OK, but I waited a bit longer just to make sure 
they're completely dry. 

downsides: I found that these elf nail polishes all require a good and "hard" 
topcoat as they usually chip on the second day... Also, they are not hard enough 
(after completely dry) I noticed there're some miner dents (I only applied 
a regular top coat)... other than that, this polish is great for it's shimmery shade
as well as it's price! I just wish it's more long-lasting..

swatch under natural sunlight without flash

swatch indoor with artificial light, no flash
it looks darker indoor, but still very pretty!

swatch indoor with artificial light, no flash
closer look of these sparkles 


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