Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nail of the Day: E.L.F. Red Velvet Swatch and Review

Today's NOTD is a holiday shade from elf in Red Velvet
It's a gorgeous deep and rich red with super fine shimmer in it..
very very pretty...

swatch under natural light by the window (raining today)

application is quite easy and smooth for this polish
1 coats will completely give you an opaque finish
(don't we just love it a bit more when we only need 1-2 layers^^)
but I went 2 coats to see if color will look different
I like it with 2 coats because it made the finish richer 
and deeper and more complete!

packaging is simple, square glass bottle with black cap
this shade is from elf holiday nail polish set of 5 polishes
so one only costs less than $1
with these gorgeous finish for the low cost
I think it's a good buy^^
downside: the polish brush is cheap and not easy to use,
but at least the formulation is pretty easy to apply smoothly. 
Click Here if you want to see the whole set

bottom of this bottle looks cheap,
but I like the name Red Velvet, yummy!

it's really hard to capture those micro shimmer 
it's prettier in real life 

 swatch with artificial light (indoor)
swatch with artificial light (indoor)


  1. Love red color nail polish. It also suits my dark velvet suit.

  2. I like the color. Love red all the time :)

  3. That color looks great! I'm going to have to get one for myself!

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