Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review: NARS Orgasm Blush

This has been one of my favorite blushes over the past few years. 
It's NARS famous blush in Orgasm, a very gorgeous peachy pink 
with extra fine golden shimmers.

This is my second NARS blush, my first one was Deep Throat, 
also a very pretty and flirty peach tone blush, 
unfortunately it got stolen along with my handbag :(
So I got this ... the most famous and iconic orgasm blush^^ 
I had this blush for almost 2 years, and still have this much left!!

The packaging of this blush is pretty compact and light-weight! 
Dimensions: Length 2 3/4, Width 2 3/8, and Depth 5/8 (inches)
(about 7cm x 5.5cm x 1cm)

Back of the packaging. Made in Canada. 0.16 Oz/4.8 g

 This blush packaging comes in a matte rubberized finish so it 
shows up scratches, smudge of makeup and maybe fingerprints, 
which may be a downside for some people, but I don't really mind 
as this orgasm blush is so gorgeous and cute! I've tried to clean it 
before taking the picture, but this is what it looks like...after using
for almost 2 years^^

Inside there's a clear plastic protector for the blush with NARS on it,
and a small mirror, about the same size as the blush. 

I got this for $25 at Sephora, but it's now $27 :( It may sound 
pricey at first, but for the quality and quantities, I guess the price
is alright, and it truly last for a long time!

it looks shimmery in the packaging, but the texture is actually very 
smooth and soft, and very easy to blend. It gives skin a natural glow,
without the powdery feeling.

orgasm blush swatch under natural sunlight without flash

This shade is super super natural and translucent, you can barely see
the shimmers once applied, but a subtle and natural pink that brighten
up the complexion.

orgasm blush swatch under natural sunlight without flash

in this close-up swatch you can see those extra fine golden shimmers
it creates a healthy glow to the skin, so so pretty ^_^

As we usually don't see people up-close in the face, 
this is what the swatch looks like on my bare arm, so
natural and pretty. (note: I have medium-light skin tone)

I usually wear this blush alone, but sometimes I layer it with
Bobbi Brown's shimmer brick in Rose, very lovely in both ways!

Would you wear this blush? What's your favorite blush from NARS?


  1. Thanks for the review in this product!
    i want to try this but not sure yet. but this helped me alot :)

  2. Nice review. I have the travel size and now I am considering getting the full size one ^_^



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