Saturday, November 5, 2011

ALMAY eye makeup remover pads and review

Today's post featured my all time favorite eye makeup remover pads from ALMAY!
They are moisturizing eye make up remover pads
and oil free eye makeup remover pads

I especially LOVE the moisturizing one from the left. I have been using this to 
remove my eye makeup especially waterproof mascara and eyeliner for the 
past 4-5 years and I still love this very much!

This moisturizing eye makeup remover pads are infused with a botanical blend of 
aloe, cucumber and green tea to nourish lashes and delicate skin. It's really gentle 
for my eyes and did a great job in removing my waterproof mascaras! 

Yes it's oily and greasy after using these pads, but that's what I love about these
remover pads, because they make it easy to dissolve and remove waterproof
eye makeup without tugging and rubbing my lashes and eye-area skin! 

For the oil free eye makeup remover pads, I must say I did not like it at all when I 
first used it because it did nothing in removing waterproof mascara and was left in
my bathroom shelf for quite a long time! Until one day when I experimented
different eye makeup looks and I totally messed it up with the look I don't like.
While I was looking for things to clean my eye makeup, I saw this oil free and
gave it a try. It worked like a charm, few gentle wipes will remove my waterproof
eye pencil and eye shadows! and I was ready for the new eye makeup! ^_^  

I always use waterproof eye pencil or liner with waterproof mascara so I do not
know how well it is for removing non-waterproof eye makeups (especially mascara part). 
But if you want to do different eye makeup looks at the same time or just for correcting makeup errors, this is great! 


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