Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review: Sephora Flashy Liner Waterproof in Deep Black

This eye (pencil) liner is so amazing! I thought I'd share it here! 
I got it during Sephora's friends & family sale and love it
after just once use! It's super waterproof and long-lasting,
creamy, deep and rich pigments! It's that amazing that I even 
took it with me to my thanksgiving vacation last weekend!

size: Net wt. 0.04 oz / $8 (

flashy liner waterproof in "10 deep black" 
they also have a "01 flashy black" which is not so dark/black, 
more like smokey black, but this "10 deep black" is similar to urban decay 
24/7 eye pencil in zero or NYX Slide on pencil in jet black, 
super deep and super black!^^

waterproof eye pencil. made in Germany

waterproof mark: an eye and 2 water drops 

I really really love this eye pencil liner, it glides on so easy and smooth. 
the texture is creamy but not as soft like NYX's glide on pencil (that requires 
sharpening EVERY TIME I use). This Sephora flashy liner is so great that 
I don't need to sharpen every time before using it. I usually sharpen 
after 3-4 times uses (which will also last longer!!!). I would say it's a great dupe 
for 24/7 eye pencil with only half the price!

swatch for flashy liner waterproof in deep black
color is so dark and rich, one stroke will give you a very pigmented line
since this is waterproof, you will need oil based makeup remover
or waterproof eye makeup remover to remove

swatch for flashy liner waterproof in deep black
swatch next to MAC fluidline for comparison 
(I used cotton swab to swatch Fluidline so it appeared 
a bit thicker/darker) but this flashy liner is so dark, even
next to MAC's Blitz & Glitz, only this deep black flashy line
is a creamy matte black without metallic glitters

I'm very pleased with its performance, and would 
definitely repurchase this if I run out of this lovely! 


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