Thursday, September 15, 2011

Elmo Bandages!

I have a $2 coupon that will expire this Friday so I went to the store and got this Sesame Street bandages. It was actually Black (黑色)'s idea because she saw it first and shouted "Elmo~~~~~~~~!!!". Since we are running out of bandages at home so I got this for her ^-^ ha ha ha aren't they super super cute????? Even I want to use them....ha ha ha 

And I also got some Goldfish for her, I think this is her first time eating Goldfish.... and as always.....she didn't eat much.....for new things +_+  

NOTE: After I put Elmo bandage on her lower leg (she has a scratch), she started crying +_+ she thought the bandage will "hurt"... and she's afraid to move her leg ... oh...I made you cry.... *_* so I moved the bandage to her wrist so she can walk ... 


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