Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Forever 21 Haul: Cheap and Cute

Went to Forever 21 yesterday and picked up some cheap and cute pieces. 
I thought I'd share it here^^

Bunny & Bow Earrings $3.80
I love love love bows, but normally I don't buy something like this (bunny), 
but they look so so cute, I am going to wear these for little Black^^ 
ha ha ha...

Starry Night Necklace $6.80
Who doesn't LOVE stars???? 

Beige/Pink Dress $5.99 Size: S
(82% Cotton, 12% Linen)
This cute dress is on sale, was $12.90
I think I can wear it with a tank top underneath,
and a jacket on the outside...and leggings/jeggings on the bottom
very cute^-^

 Gray Pants $6.99 Size: XS
(64% Cotton, 35% Polyester, 1% Spandex)
Also picked this one up on the sale section, was $17.80

Thigh and Knee details
pretty nice stitching

(Sorry for the dirty mirror.....in Forever 21 fitting room)
It fits pretty well on my legs...
length is also good...
I think this is more like jegging style...
because it fits perfectly on my legs...
but can also wear it by itself...
and it's only $5.99 so cheap...^^

Did you buy anything cheap and cute lately?
comment below :) I would love to know^^


  1. Hey hi there! I love Forever 21 too! I really like the cute bunny earrings you got LOL Yeh their stuff is really nice & affordable. I always go crazy shopping when I'm there =p

    Your blog seems pretty cool so I decided to follow =) Pls do check out mine when you have time too. Thanks!



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