Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nail of the Day: SKIN FOOD Walnut Aroma

Today's Nail of the Day goes to SKIN FOOD Walnut Aroma, BR608 (香氣核桃). I got this nail polish from my sister long long time ago... I think at least 3-4 yrs? SKIN FOOD is a beauty based company from Korea, this brand is pretty popular in Asia with its wild color selections and affordable prices. Their products are made in Korea that use ingredients of natural food substances which are used mainly in beauty care... 

This Walnut Aroma color (BR608) is a lovely and clean nude polish. Four coats were essential for this opaque and glossy finish you see in the pictures. It's such a classic, clean and lovely shade on the nails. <3

I don't know how much this one costs as this was given to me by my sister.
For more information on SKIN FOOD:
SKIN FOOD in Korean
SKIN FOOD in English


  1. This is such a lovely color! Great for fall :) I love your blog! The personal, "good morning" are so cute and thoughtful! Following :)



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