Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Cleansing Pads

Last night I used Aveeno cleansing pad again 
for makeup remover & cleanser I thought I'd post it here...
I discovered this cleansing pads last year when I was looking for nice cleansing pads
and I saw 'allure editors choice award' printed on the pkg...then I tried...

These cleansing pads are dual-textured, moistened with foaming cleansers
and natural soy. I use this as a cleanser, a makeup remover, 
or a facial exfoliator. 

I love to use this for removing my makeups because it's
oil-free, soap-free, and it does a pretty good job removing
my makeups. I have dry and sensitive skin and this does not
irritate...though I do not use this on a daily basis due to it's
exfoliate function^^

Insides are 28 - 3.25" cleansing pads

I cut them in half just because these are quite big...
(trying to fully utilize the whole pad^^ )
More often I use this as a makeup remover & exfoliator at the same 
time, and follow by a foaming cleanser so I don't need a whole pad...

3.25" dual-textured pads
One pad pretty much covers my entire hand ha ha

Left: textured side, use to exfoliate dry and dull patches
Right: smooth side, use to gently remove makeup all over face (avoid eyes)

Smell is good, but not strong. I only use this at night for its "exfoliation" 
and I try to avoid using the textured side for too long because I have very 
sensitive skin, as it might be too harsh...but overall it's a great product for its
value (Walmart and Target all priced around $6)
and it does a pretty good cleansing job! 


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