Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact - Rose

Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick Compacts have always been one of their 
famous, top-rated products and have received high rated reviews. That's
why I've always wanted to try and here it is! I got it during Sephora's 
beauty insider (or F&F) sale event in April this year. I've been using this 
shimmer brick for more than 6 months and still like it a lot! 

Shimmer Brick Compact - Rose

The packaging comes in a sleek black square compact with 
a large mirror inside, very simple, yet chic and classic.
However, it's a bit oversized in my opinion (compared to NARS 
blush packaging), this takes too much space (in a travel 
makeup bag), not very travel friendly.

When opened, it has a sponge protector covered on 
the top to protect the shimmer brick because shimmer 
brick powders are quite fragile so it's also important to 
handle this compact with care.

Unlike NARS blush compact that opens almost 180 degrees, 
this Bobbi Brown shimmer brick compact only opens to
about 90-100 degrees which is not a big deal for me. I think 
it's a just right angle for me than holding the mirror side. 

Five bars of pure shimmer pearl color

Label on the bottom

This Shimmer Brick Compact is handmade individually in Italy.
Shimmer Brick powders are fragile. Please handle with care.
Size: .4 oz./10.3 g, with a price tag of $39 now which is not cheap
(I got mine $38 + 15% Off F&F at Sephora) 

Colors are pretty true to what were shown on Bobbi Brown's website
Left: image from Bobbi Brown's website
Right: image taken by me

Now move on to the swatches!

swatches of each color from the Rose Shimmer Brick
I used eyeshadow brush to apply each color on my bare arm
Note I did layer each color so they can show better on camera
but in reality they are actually sheer and not very pigmented 
(even when you layer them to build up the colors, they still look 
very soft and natural which is why I love about it), each color 
is very soft and gorgeous. The shimmer is also very very subtle 
and beautiful, never too glittery.

When swirl all colors together, this shimmering powder creates 
a very gorgeous, soft, rosy glow. It works very well as a natural 
blush for everyday look. I often use this alone as a blush or layer 
with other blush color or as a highlighter on my cheekbones, pretty

These super fine shimmers reflect light and create a very natural 
and lovely grow on the face like you are glowing from within. 
It is also very easy to work with, I never worry if I apply them
too heavy as this is not very pigmented and the colors are all so soft.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with this Rose Shimmer 
Brick Compact. Would I buy again? Yes, but this one 
will last me years. 

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  1. Great Post!! I always wanted to try one of these may treat myself to one soon xx


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