Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tutorial: Valentine's Day Nails #1: Minnie Mouse French Nails

Today I created this very cute Minnie Mouse french nails that's also perfect to wear for the upcoming Valentine's Day. It got all the pinks, the red, and a little bit of the pink glitters. I use the red on the edges only so the overall look is not too strong, yet more girly and soft.

Products Used: (Left to right)
essie protein base coat
Pa Nail Color A107
Pa Nail Color Premier Lame Grande AA18
Sephora by OPI in Personal Shopper
Sephora by OPI in Dear Diary...
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat

1) prime with base coat (1 coat)

2) Pa Nail Color A107 (2 coats)

3) Sephora by OPI in Personal Shopper to draw the lines edges. I didn't use any tapes, just drew by the brush using my hands. It's ok if the lines are not that perfect here...

4) Use flat round side of the toothpick to dab Sephora by OPI in Dear Diary on the nails. This is actually a very light and soft pink. I used this instead of white polish to create a softer look.  Wait for the dots to dry (or semi-dry) and dab at the same dots again to achieve the opacity.

5) Draw the lines using Pa Nail Color Premier Lame Grande AA18 (pink glitters). Use the same toothpick, but the pointed side to slowly create the lines.

6) Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat (2 coats) 

7) Finished! ^-^

I really really like this nail design. It's so cute that I decided to wear longer until they are chipped...ha ha ha Do you like it? I will be posting more nail art designs for Valentine's Day, so stay tuned! ^-^


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