Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review: Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

I have been using this Clinique Moisture Surge for the 
past 1.5 months since I got it (back on November haul here). 
I think it's about time for a little review...

This is currently my must have morning moisturizer.
(and I use it sometimes in the evening skin care routine)
The texture of this moisture is very light weight, yet
hydrating for my dry skin. It absorbs pretty quickly 
once gently massage into the face. It's a gel like moisturizer 
and is fragrance free which I truly appreciate, works 
wonderful for my sensitive skin. 

(Click the picture to enlarge/view)

I think it runs pretty fast as I use almost everyday for day and night
After using for about 1.5 months, now I have about half left... 

For day, it's really great for preparing my skin before makeup 
so my makeup or foundation will stay nice, throughout the day.
this moisture surge will be a MUST, it helps a lot for nicer foundation
application as my skin is dry, especially in winter time! 
However, due to it's lightweight formula, I need to put a bit of 
Origins VitaZing after this just to moisturize my skin  a bit more.
It's also great to use on top of makeup, I tried it and it worked 
pretty well, hydrated my dry skin during the makeup day!

For night, it gives a pretty good hydration for the skin, 
though I have to use a cream based moisturizer afterward. 
This basically serves more like a heavier toner for me.

oil free gel moisturizer 

 slightly blended into skin
very lightweight, a bit like serum

 after blended completely into skin

All in all, I really like this gel moisturizer, especially for the morning.

Last month Clinique released their new Moisture Surge "Intense"
Skin Fortifying Hydrator which was designed for very dry to dry skin, 
I'll love to try it as I think it might fit even better for my skin type!


  1. Hi, i've been using the clinique moisture surge moisturiser too! it's a great product and for me, it's also a really good base for bb creams and foundations too! ♥

    1. FallenAngel_8 Hi I also think it's really a great base for foundation, and I actually just finished mine these days~

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for the review!
    I like your blog very much!
    I'm your new follower!!!
    kisses from Greece


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