Monday, August 27, 2012

Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil - Natural Black

I LOVE this eyebrow pencil from Shiseido! It was truly one of my favorite 'new-find' beauty products for the past month! I got the shade Natural Black (GY901), a grayish black that's great for my natural black hair. It goes on super natural and beautiful like I have natural fuller eyebrows. ^^

Shiseido Natural Eyebrow Pencil - GY901 Natural Black
1.1g/ .03 oz. ($20.00 as of August 2012)

Double ended, one side eyebrow pencil and one side brush. 

the eyebrow pencil itself is pretty firm, and the shape is similar to old school hexagon shape pencil. Depends on how much you use, for me, I had my first sharpening after 7-10 days use!  So amazing! And I didn't need much touch-up throughout the day because it's so long lasting. So I think this eyebrow pencil is going to last me forever^^ hahaha 

I found myself rarely use the brush side as I normally use a spooley brush or eyebrow comb to brush through after the pencil application, but it's good to have there when traveling I guess... 

here is the swatch of the eyebrow pencil. 
It's kinda hard to swatch on skin as it tends to show better on hair...
but here they are...

and the swatch here might give you a better idea of how the color looks like.
It's a very natural black and you can only see subtle gray...definitely not the gray as seen in the pencil... it's not as harsh as some black eyebrow pencils, and it's not fake as some brown brow powders, either.

and on my eyebrow... I like to wear it lightly for more natural look.

Overall great product. I highly highly recommend it! It definitely worth every penny. And I will repurchase if I ever run out mine! I hope this post is helpful if you have black hair and are looking for a brow pencil that will look natural (duh..who wouldn't...) and has great lasting power! 


  1. I've only just started playing around with my eyebrows so at the minute I am working with powders but I think I prefer the idea of a pencil as they seem easier to use! I will look into these, thanks for posting! <-- I love to write about all things beauty, fashion and music!

    hope you are well,

    E-L xo

  2. Wow this sounds excellent! Ive really loved flicking through your blog:) <Beauty Giveaway this week!


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