Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Fairy Tale Ivory Review and Swatches

I am not a big fan of frosty nail polishes, but this one is different. It brightened up my skin tone and provided a healthy glowing look of my nails. The name Fairy Tale Ivory is also very cute. This is a peachy nude with a hint of rose gold pink, very gorgeous feminine shade. 

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Fairy Tale Ivory, 3 coats 

The formulation is thin. It's very easy and smooth to apply. The brush is on a narrower side, but this polish "self-level" pretty good so the narrow brush works just fine! I had 3 coats on my nails, and it's not 100% opaque, I can still see through my nails but I think 3 coats is good enough for the shade and glowing nails effect. Also, the drying time is super fast! Definitely an everyday go to color! love love love  

Would you wear it? Do you have any other shades from S.H. Diamond Strength line that you love or would like to recommend? Please let me know 


  1. Can you tell me a dupe for this? It was discontinued and I loved it so much :/

  2. I'm looking for a dupe for this also.


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