Monday, March 5, 2012

Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner Black Review and Swatch

Hello  Today I wanted to share my review on the Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Creme eyeliner in black. I have read so many good reviews on MakeupAlley (a great place for beauty product reviews!), many said this Wet n Wild creme eyeliner is comparable to MAC's fluidline, and even better, so I wanted to try this myself. 

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This is what the packaging looks like, retail for $3.99 at Rite Aid, I got it when there's a 40% off sale which made it even cheaper! Color: 886 Black. This creme liner also comes in purple shade called 887 Eggplant, but the pkg is the same as the black one!

What it is:
 Versatile alternative to pencils and liquid liners
♥ Blendable formula lines, shades, and contours eyes 
 Precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish that lasts

What it does:
Create beautifully defined lines with this rich, creamy formula. Applies effortlessly as it delivers long-lasting drama with a velvety finish. Comes with an easy to use, conveniently-sized brush. 

 Application tips:
Line eyes along the lash line for a subtle effect, or smudge over lid and along lower lash line for a smoky, sultry look.

This is a cruelty free product that's not tested on animals. 

The angled eyeliner brush that comes with the creme eyeliner is, in my opinion too thick and too wild to use for my eyes...  (picture on the lower right: once I dropped it on the floor accidentally they fell apart ha ha )

Here are the packaging comparison pictures of Wet n Wild Creme Eyeliner vs. MAC Fluidline gel eyeliner as well as the swatches (on paper) of the two, so you can get a better idea of how they differ from each other.

MAC - glass container with quality black cap,  3g/0.10 oz.
WnW - clear plastic container with cheap plastic cap, 3.8g/0.13 oz.

Here are the comparison swatch pictures of Wet n Wild creme eyeliner (swatched using angled eyeliner) to my favorite Sephora Flashy Liner (pencil eyeliner) in Deep Black. This WnW def. is not the blackest, but can be built/layered to desired intensity.

What I think?
I was quite impressed with this WnW creme eyeliner, especially it's staying power (long wear and waterproof ) and texture (creamy and smooth). I guess the only downside is the poor made plastic packaging. I have read so many reviews, and many said that this WnW has a tendency to dry out quickly. So far I haven't encountered this issue as I've used this for about 3 weeks. Also, when I use this product, I always try to keep the cap closed as soon as I get the creme eyeliner I need on the brush. Although this is a long-wear waterproof gel liner, I do have smudges on my lower lash lines (mainly outer part of the eyes)... but that happens to me when I use my MAC fluidline or Sephora Flashy Liner waterproof pencils. All in all, I would say this WnW creme eyeliner is def. worth every penny and it's super super inexpensive and truly comparable to MAC fluidline (except pkg^^)! I will def. repurchase if I run out of my gel liner! Highly recommend 

I hope this post helps if you're looking to try. If you like this post, feel free to share it on facebook or twitter (^^)! 


  1. I got this yesterday, and am trying it out today. It feels really dry when I apply it to my eye lid! Also, I was wondering, how do you clean your angled brush once you use it? It seems really hard to clean, and when the gel liner dries on it, it becomes hard. =/

  2. Hey!
    Thank you for your review! I was in the store, saw it, and I remembered that I heard Jen from From Head to Toe telling that she loves it. but I saw the brush and that put me off that time, I want to get a decent brush first haha.
    And your review actually makes me want to go and buy it now! :D
    I have done a review on WnW liquid eyeliners in case you're interested


  3. use some baby oil to remove the liner then proceed to wash with foaming facial wash (or the same thing you use to wash your face). not using facial wash? shampoo or dishwashing liquid soap


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