Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tutorial: Effie Trinket Inspired Nail Art (The Hunger Games)

Hi ♥ Today I'd like to show you a beautiful two-tone nail art inspired by the character Effie Trinket from the movie The Hunger Games. It's very easy to create, yet feminine and gorgeous. And I also created a video tutorial for it!!! This would be my very very very first youtube tutorial video! I used tissue boxes to lift/hold my camera and record as I didn't have a tripod *_* I was so worried that my camera might fall during recording if I'm not careful ha ha ... luckily that didn't happen^^, but it took me longer than I thought to just film a simple nail art tutorial! Anyways, I really love this nail art, and I hope you love it too (:

and here is the picture tutorial...!!

Products Used: (L to R)
essie protein base coat
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in 240 Twisted Pink
Sinful Colors Nail Art in Flower Girl (gold glitter)
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat 
Makeup sponge

1) apply base coat to protect nails from staining
2) Sally Hansen twisted pink, 2 coats. Anything hot pink/fuchsia will work great for this look.

3a) drop a pea size of the gold glitter polish on a piece of paper (if you need more, you can do it later when you run out, 1~2 finger at a time!)
3b) use makeup sponge to dab some polish to gently apply on 2/3 of the nail to the edge. Re-apply more to the edge of the nails so your nail will have a gold glitter gradual effect!

4) Apply top coat to smooth and seal your designs and you're finished with this beautiful look! It's very simple and fast to create this nail art, and they look gorgeous!

Below are some screenshot and movie trailer showing this lovely nail art as well as Effie's makeups. Enjoy! ^_^


  1. OMG I love this! Your nails literally look on fire - such an amazing effect!
    :) xxx

    1. It's very beautiful in real life and thank you for visiting my blog ^_^

  2. i knew those nails looked familiar. they look great.


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