Monday, February 13, 2012

Tutorial: Valentine's Day Nails #8: Sweetheart Nail Art

Hello everyone! How's your weekend? Mine is quite relaxing. Today I have a very sweet and cute nail art to share with you. I created this sweetheart nail art yesterday and loved it so much. This will be my Valentine's Day nails ♥ 

Products Used: (left to right)
essie protein base coat
Sephora by OPI Personal Shopper
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Whit On
Revlon Colorstay Cafe Pink
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat
dotting tool and scotch tape

1) Tape your nails like so.

2) Apply base coat.
3) Apply red nail polish, wait until dry.

4) Gently and carefully remove the tapes, use Q-tip (aka cotton swab) to dip with nail polish remover to clean if necessary.

5) Use dotting tool to draw thin lines using Rimmel Gold Silk above the red french tips.

6) Draw dots and hearts using dotting tool. If you're not confident enough to draw on the nails, practice on paper first, and then draw on nails. 

7) Use the same Rimmel Gold Silk to draw hearts inside hearts to give the nails more dimensions.
8) Add top coat to seal the design and add shine to the nails. Finished ^-^

Valentine's Day is not only for couples/lovers, I think it's also a day to celebrate, love and pamper yourself more. I hope you all enjoy this sweetheart nail art and happy Valentine's Day ^-^ 


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